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Muhammad is is the founder of Msoft Inc, an executive advisory firm that works with well-known brands, best-selling authors and top executives World Wide.
Muhammad is an International Entrepreneur and working Globally.

Digital Marketing

Muhammad is google certified digital marketer and famous for social media marketing all over Muhammad is google certified digital marketer and famous for social media marketing all over Pakistan and UK.

Mind Sciences

Muhammad Irshad is a very good mind scientist, law of attraction expert, Certified Reiki Healer,Certified Spiritual Healer, and NGH USA Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist.
Muhammad Irshad's Businesses and Clients World Wide.


Muhammad is very much responsive in all his services,businesses, and products,
Feel free to contact Muhammad.


Muhammad deals in high quality products,services and Brands.


Muhammad Support his client 24/7.

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Riffat Iqbal

Riffat Iqbal

Business Owner

Irshad deserve a big salute, that He didn't make this situations as an excuse, and giving hope to everyone, sharing their problems, entertaining their queries and questions and giving people full in this Pandemic situation*

I have no words to appreciate his kindness, He is the true possibility for everyone, you are the only person who didn’t care about his time,money, job,health, even he didn’t sleep for so many days to helping people in these financial crisis.
I highly appreciate his good job.
May Allah bless you.

Aisha Ayub

Aisha Ayub


Irshad is a genuine and kind heart person. He connects with people in a compassionate manner. He always motivates everyone, encourages and supports his friends in their pursuits and dreams.

Irshad is a creative minded person and he has unique ideas to solve the problems of the society at large. He has helped many people to deal with their mental health issues and is doing great charitable work to help the down-trodden and those marginalized by pandemic. He is a ray of hope and lamp that shines upon his friends, family and society.

Saima Khattak

Saima Khattak


It was a great experience fighting the tough situations in getting rid of that with the help of a great therapist Irshad. MashaAllah.He is an angel in my life in is blessed with high healing energies MA.God bless u Muhammad and keep helping people to fight depression.


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