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What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is indeed a form of psychotherapy that focuses on addressing and resolving issues related to sexual function, intimacy, and relationships. It provides a safe and supportive space for individuals or couples to openly discuss their concerns, desires, and challenges related to physical intimacy, which they might otherwise find difficult to talk about. This form of therapy is often referred to as “talk therapy” because it primarily involves conversations and discussions.

Who is a Sex Therapist?

Discussing sexual difficulties can be challenging for many people and talking about low libido or low sexual performance is beyond the scope of your OB-GYN or primary physician. This is where sex therapist comes in handy.

A sex therapist is a trained mental health professional with extensive training and education who focuses particularly on human sexual behavior and sexuality, offers help backed up with research with compassion, and addresses cultural, physiological as well as psychological factors in play.

A sex therapist might be a clinical social worker, doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist who has received psychotherapy training and specialized in sexual intimacy, relationships and functioning.

What to expect?

After scheduling an appointment, your sex therapist will meet with you to carefully listen to your concerns. During this initial session, you will have the opportunity to discuss the frequency of your future sessions. Subsequently, your therapist will follow up with regular calls, typically ranging from fortnightly to weekly.

However, the therapy process isn’t confined solely to the therapist’s office. Homework assignments and personal tasks are often assigned for completion in the privacy of your own home. As clients gradually overcome their initial nervousness, they often find themselves pleasantly surprised by how well their progress unfolds and how comfortably they can address their sexual concerns.

What are the benefits?

Counseling with Muhammad Irshad offers valuable support and guidance. With his expertise, you gain insight, coping strategies, and emotional healing, fostering personal growth and a brighter future.

Goals of Sex Therapy?

When entering therapy sessions, therapists typically establish three primary objectives:

  1. Recognizing Needs and Desires: The therapist aims to understand the needs and desires of both individuals in a couple or the individual seeking therapy.

  2. Gaining Insight: They seek to delve into the thoughts and experiences of the individuals involved, both in their minds and in the context of their real-life interactions during intimate moments.

  3. Clarifying Expectations: Therapists work to clarify the expectations that each partner has for their sexual experiences and consider what would constitute satisfaction for them.

It is crucial for a sex therapist to meet with clients both individually and as a couple. This approach allows the therapist to gain insights into what clients are thinking and feeling when attending sessions alone, and when they attend as a couple, the therapist can develop a more comprehensive understanding of their dynamics. Typically, these sessions are conducted over a one-hour duration.

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