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Find out Muhammad Irshad’s Business, Strategies, Work and Activities.

A mother holds her child to her face, Tanzania
Muhammad Irshad in his office Msoft Inc.

Muhammad Irshad works in over 50 citiest and territories to explore computer technologies, Businesses, Mind Sciences, Social Working, to make lives easy,comfortable and success, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early ages through business,mindset and technologies. And Muhammad never give up.

Computer Technologies:

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Every one has the right to grow up in a safe and inclusive environment of Computer Technologies.

Muhammad Irshad works with partners around the world to promote policies and expand access to services that spread technologies all over Pakistan


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Every one has the right to survive and comfortable life.

Muhammad Irshad has helped so many people in multi businesses to achieve their goals, to help them earn well and spend prosperous and comfortable life.Muhammad Believe that when someone help others so his life become more comfortable and he attract abundance.


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Every one has the right to learn

Muhammad Irshad has conducted more than 20 workshops in different cities of Pakistan on Digital Marketing, Business strategies , Human’s Right, Orphans and Disable’s Rights, women’s rights,to quite domestic violence,trance gender’s rights, to quit depression,anxiety,unwanted stress, anger, phobia, chronic pain,and sleeping disorders.
Muhammad Irshad works around the world to support quality learning for every one, especially those in greatest danger of being left behind.
Muhammad Irshad is Spreading Education world wide online.
Muhammad started spreading education in 2011, and Initially he was teaching languages world wide via facebook and Skype.
Then Muhammad start taking online classes of computer Technologies, Computer Short courses and Long Courses Via Facebook and IMO.
Now a days Muhammd is teaching Computer Technologies, Digital Marketing and taking Healing Session world Wide. Muhammad is also working as Spiritual Healer and Mind Scientist and Solving Billions of Problem world wide, Such is Anxiety, Depression, Stress,OCD and Phobia.

Social Activities:

Every one has the right to an equitable chance in life

Muhammad works around the world to reduce child poverty and shield poor and Orphans from its lifelong consequences

Muhammad Irshad in emergencies

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Reaching every one in emergencies

Muhammad is always in front line,on the ground before, during, and after emergencies, working to reach families with lifesaving aid and long-term assistance.Muhammad is helped more than 1000, people during Corona Virus Crisis.

He didn’t make this situations as an excuse, and giving hope to everyone and helping everyone all over Pakistan and spreading precaution and healing.