Muhammad Irshad

Muhammad Irshad is giving hypnosis session to international clients.

Muhammad Irshad known internationally for Hypnosis.
Muhammad Irshad is NGH USA Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist.
He is an experienced Pakistani based hypnotherapist, hypnosis and NLP practitioner. He given more than 1000 hypnosis session Online Via Zoom,Webinar,and Skype in Dubai. Canada,USA,UK, Germany,and Australia and more than 500 hypnotherapy sessions to different patients in Pakistan, Specially in Capital Territory Islamabad Pakistan.

For more than Year and worked as a hypnotherapist for The Different Companies and Firms in Islamabad and Lahore Muhammad had Help so many people, where he was invited to demonstrate his hypnotherapy skills on different Opportunities. He is a member of The Institute of Mind Sciences Register who have awarded him the Name Moizian and USA Certified Qualified in Hypnotherapy Practice.

He serves as a director on the board of The Hypnosis, Being Spiritual, and is a senior associate member of The Soul Healing;. Muhammad trained as a hypnosis instructor with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Over the years Muhammad hypnotherapy work has been documented in both the specialist as well as popular social media.

He Practises at the beautiful cities Peshawar and Islamabad and is often invited to travel and has worked with VIPs around the world.

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Due to the Coronavirus situation Muhammad is now conducting all his hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom, Skype or Facetime until further notice. The cost of sessions has also been temporarily reduced by 30% from £100 to £70 per hour.

On average Muhammad sees clients four times. The first introductory session is one hour and is usually followed by an in depth two hour session. After that a one hour follow up  is usually recommended.
Note: Sometimes more or less sessions are required according to individual needs.

We recommend booking your first,second and third sessions at the same time. You can discuss follow ups with Muhammad Irshad at the end of the second one. When you purchase five hours you will also receive free one time one hour session by Muhamamd. 

| Session per hour in pakistan is RS:3000/- (Discounted Fee) |
Before you get in to the sessions, Kindly Submit your fee.
You can pay for sessions using the Methods below:


United Bank Limited
Branch Code: 0625
Acc no: 259245353
PK 95 UNIL 0109000259245353

Habib Bank Limited
Branch Code: 1419
Acc No: 14197900090003
IBAN PK68 HABB0014197900090003

Easy Paisa Acc No.


When you have your appointment it is really important you set up your space in a similar way to the way a professional therapy room is set up:

  • The environment should be quiet. Ensure you are not going to be disturbed for the duration of the session.
  • In Muhammads office you would be sitting in a recliner chair. The first part of the session when Muhammad is explaining the processes being used or you are explaining your experiences the chair is upright. When the hypnotherapy part of the session begins clients recline, so head and neck are supported and the lights are dimmed. You don’t need a recliner when doing an online session, but you will need to ensure you have a comfortable place on an armchair or sofa and that Muhammad Irshad is able to see you via the device you are using during the session. It would also be important that you can dim or soften the lighting.
  • You will also need to download the appropriate software or app to use Zoom for the first time if you have not used it before. You will be sent instructions when you are invited to the Zoom meeting but you can also do that in advance from the links on this page: HypnosisSession
     If you prefer to use Skype or Facetime that’s ok too. We prefer Zoom as it’s generally better quality.
  • We recommend using headphones for as clear and focused an experience as possible.

Call the office now on +923420999944 or message us via our Whatsapp for more information or to book an appointment.

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